Wedding Photographer Siena and Val D'Orcia


Ceremony: Monte Oliveto Abbey

Location: Villa Chiatina

Catering: Italian Taste Lodovichi

Flowers: Stiatti Fiori

Siena and its surroundings are home to postcard Tuscan views. Especially Val d’Orcia is a world-famous wedding destination for couples. With its rolling hills, romantic light and soft

Chiara and Marcello’s wedding day took place right there, in the picturesque Val d’Orcia. It was a very warm day with classic Italian weather. landscape, it’s a magical backdrop for a perfect big day.

Groom getting ready in a villa at Siena

Marcello’s preparations took place at Agriturismo Podere Cunica Wedding, a breathtaking holiday home that he and his family ran. His dad took care of the details of his attire, making sure that all the pieces of his elegant suit were fitting spotlessly. Once ready, he was free to start celebrating with friends who were as excited as him (or maybe even more). Cheering and in festive mood, smelling of champagne and cologne, they left for the abbey.

Bride getting ready at Agriturismo Poggiarello in Asciano

From the waking of the sun, , on the other hand, Chiara started getting ready for the day of her dreams. She turned out to be a planning mastermind and thought of the tiniest little detail of their wedding. She got ready in Agriturismo Poggiarello, where her closest family and friends gathered. Accompanied by the laughter of her bridesmaids and tender looks of her parents, minute after minute she was turning into the star of the day.

Wedding ceremony in Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore

Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore, the place that Chiara and Marcello chose for their ceremony, wasn’t just any place. It’s a truly splendid monastery submerged in a pine forest. When you get there, it seems that you were suddenly transported into a fantasy movie and you were witnessing its happy ending. And it really was a place of a happy… not ending, but rather beginning.

When Chiara appeared at the abbey door, Marcello turned towards her with tears in his eyes. His tender reaction moved not only Chiara, but everyone witnessing the wedding. Despite masks on the faces, the eyes of the guests said it all.

After the emotional ceremony, the guests left for the wedding reception, whereas we went back to Marcello’s home for wedding photos. The choice of the location for the wedding shoot was a surprise for his parents and a way for honoring this magnificent location. We got there around sunset and couldn’t get enough of this scenario. We had a couple wildly in love in front of the camera and a breathtaking location.

It was a dream day for me too, as a Wedding Photographer in Siena.

Couple Photos in Val D’Orcia

Wedding Villa Chiatina

The day ended at another magnificent location, Villa Chiatina, where the dinner was prepared in a little piazza bathed in warm lights and candles and overflowing with flowers and elegant tableware. It was truly magical. It was so pretty that guests didn’t really want to leave the place to go and party in another part of the castle.

And the night was still long. There were crazy games, wedding cake, a fun party, rum and chocolates. Definitely a day to remember. A day of big emotions and big locations.

I hope you enjoyed my work. If you are planning to get married in Val D'Orcia


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