The Abbey of Saint Galgano is an absolute jewel and a dream wedding location for joyful couples getting married in Tuscany. Yet, for Laura and Lorenzo, it was much more than just an atmospheric location.

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A harmony was created from the first moment! Professional but at the same time able to put you at ease. Moko photography managed to grasp what we are, two spouses, with a lot of love but who still manage to have fun like children! I couldn’t have hoped to find better artists to share this day!
Laura and Lorenzo

Wedding Photographer San Galgano

Their wedding day was very cold, rainy and windy. Opposite to how you imagine a wedding in Tuscany. Yet, their happiness and enthusiasm left warm sparkles everywhere they went. They had all the reasons to worry, but they did not. It was their day and they wanted to live it to the fullest, no matter what. It was 2020, the year of Covid, they had to change their wedding date and face all sorts of obstacles on the way, but they did it. Now it was all happening and the only thing they wanted to do, was to have as much fun as humanly possible.

Bride’s getting ready

The day started with Laura and Lorenzo getting ready from early morning. The B&B where Laura was staying was buzzing with life. Family, friends and their little toddler animated the house. Rooms were filled with laughter and the smell of fresh coffee. Laura, surrounded by her beloved family, was overjoyed.

It was clear that it was a family with strong bonds and many stories in their book. In fact, before leaving for church, Laura made sure that each member of her closest family received and read a letter written by her. A letter that brought them all to tears and “I love you so much” look in the eyes.

Groom’s getting ready at Agriturismo Casale San Galgano

Lorenzo’s preparations, on the other hand, took place in Agriturismo & Casale San Galgano. Surrounded by his friends and family, his time passed on welcoming guests arriving to the place and finding the right pieces of his groom’s suit J When the time came, dressed and as ready as a man can be, he walked a few hundred meters from agriturismo to San Galgano Abbey to wait for his bride.

Wedding Photographer San Galgano

“You know, when I was 6 years old my parents brought me here and I fell in love with this place. I told myself that if I ever get married, I wanted it to be right here in this Abbey,” she told me on our way to the ceremony. It wasn’t until many years later that the location was opened for weddings and her little dream came true.

She arrived to the roofless abbey in a cool vintage Volkswagen driven by Slow Hills and left Lorenzo, who was waiting at the altar, speechless. They were both happy and so beautiful. Beautiful people with beautiful souls. The guests, looking at them, forgot all about the cold.

It was an unforgettable experience also for us, photographers. The atmosphere inside the Gothic style 13th-century Abbey was a little melancholic, very romantic and definitely one of a kind.

Wedding Couple Photos at San Galgano

After the ceremony and a few couple shots, Laura and Lorenzo headed to Agriturismo & Casale San Galgano to celebrate.

Wedding Reception at Agriturismo Casale San Galgano

And it was during the dinner, when this time it was Laura who received a written surprise. A poem dedicated to her and read by her dad. It was a powerful, emotive moment for everyone witnessing it.

It was definitely a wedding of big emotions. Tears, laughter and a crazy party to wrap everything up.

Ceremony: San Galgano Abbey
Location: Agriturismo Casale San Galgano
Car Rentals: Slow Hills Car Rental
Flowers: Infinito Amore
Music: Due di Brisca

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