General Questions

Here is where we answer to the most frequently asked questions about “how do we work”: because we like to be clear, honest and transparent. But, if you can’t find the answer to your questions, just keep in touch with us: have a look at our direct contacts!

Style is something that we develop and continually work on. Over the years it has evolved together with us. The core of what we strive for, however, is truthful, objective, natural photography, that leaves a mark on its viewer. Since we do wedding reportage, we do not pose or otherwise interfere with the flow of the events and our post-production is natural and candid. We work with fleeting moments and raw emotions. We want that our photos tell a story of your wedding by themselves.

We shoot in colour and then decide on chromatic scale in post-production. Usually, we edit our photographs both in colour or black and white, depending on the mood and light during the wedding day.

We take as many photos as it takes to tell the story of your wedding. We then carefully select the shots that illustrate it best. Once the selection and post-production processes are finished, we give you a number of photos determined by a package you choose. 

No. We’re both photographers

There is a big story behind your wedding day and if it was for us, we would like to tell it in full, covering preparation, wedding ceremony, reception and all the bits and pieces in between. This way we would be able to give a complete picture of your story. Yet it is your day and you decide what parts you would like us to cover and you can determine how many hours of coverage you need by choosing one of our packages

We photograph different kinds of events both business and family oriented. We also do various types of photo sessions – portraits, engagement, maternity and family sessions. We love being challenged and always look for new photo opportunities.

Yes, you are free to print and publish your photos online. The copyright of the photographs belongs to us, but you are more than welcome to share them with the world. We do not watermark the photos that we give you, so if you publish them online, it would be very nice of you if you to tag us (Moko Photography Facebook Page) or credit Moko Photography as the authors.

We often work in two, as most of our clients prefer to involve a second shooter and we highly recommend you to pick this option. In two we are able to cover much more in a short time span. Especially at such an important event as a wedding, the photographer has to be in the right place at the right time and sometimes it’s simply impossible. In two we can cover both bride and groom getting ready and split the forces when there is a lot going on. Many wedding photographers work with assistants, but we prefer working together. We understand each other without words and have the same work ethics.

Yes. We can prepare a beautifully printed wedding album for you.

We post-produce photos to give them our signature look, but we do not retouch imperfections, as it’s against the idea of wedding reportage. We believe in truthful photography and any interference with your photos would sabotage the principles of reportage.

It depends on our workload, but we do our best to give them to you within 3 months.

Absolutely, we love engagement sessions.  They are great fun and we encourage every couple to do one. They offer a fantastic chance for you to warm up in front of the lens and help us to get to know you better, in case you decide to hire us for your wedding.

This is not an obstacle. We do our best to make our sessions as fun as possible. We treat a photo shoot as play time and we encourage you to see it this way too. Plus we are both laid back and easy going, so there is no reason to stress out before a shoot with us.

We love traveling and always look for excuses to go to somewhere new, so yes, we are very happy to travel. Depending where your event is though, we may add a refund of expenses to the total bill.

Time allocation is a very important aspect to think about. After all you are paying to have great photos taken, but great photos take time to make. Time flies during a wedding day and there is always less of it than you expect. Make-up artists and hair stylists often go over their time, sometimes things go wrong or people are late. It is crucial for us to have time with you at certain stages of the day, especially if you would like us to take portrait shots of you. Many brides love having portraits taken when they are all dressed up and ready, but to do it properly, we need a good half an hour for that. Half an hour is not a lot, but it’s enough for us to give you wonderful photos. It’s hard to take award-winning shots if we only have 5 minutes and you are stressed to leave on time. It is important to leave space for photography in your wedding day schedule, whether it is when you are ready or at any other time of the day. We should talk about it before your wedding to make sure we have enough time for all the shots you would like to have.

Yes we do, but at your request. If you would like to have a large group photo of all the guests or photos of smaller groups (with close family, friends, grandparents etc.), let us know about it beforehand and allocate an appropriate amount of time for it in your wedding schedule. Prior to your wedding we should have a chat about when and where it would be best to take these photos and how much time we would need for them.

Yes, but we strongly advise against it. Amateur photographers do not have knowledge and experience to know how to move and where to stand to be “invisible”. A wedding is made of fleeting moments and a good photograph is a matter of milliseconds. We cannot risk that a guest photographer takes “our” shooting spot or walks into the frame. A photographer that we do not know is unpredictable for us. We have had incidents in the past where photographers with “years of photographic experience” burned our shots with their speed light or blocked our view trying to take “the shot” while bride and groom were leaving the church. We feel responsible for the quality of the work we provide and we would like to limit any interference if possible.

Yes, but it would be helpful to communicate to your guests to limit the use of mobile devices during the most crucial moments of the wedding. Make them understand that there already are photographers working and they may as well just enjoy the wedding.

Booking us is simple. You get in touch, we have a chat and we sign a contract. But let’s start from the beginning. If you had a look at our website, you like our photography and read all the information about who we are and how we work and you think we are the right photographers for you, then get in touch via the contact form or our email address

Write a few details about your big day – from basic facts like the date and location, to a short description of who you are and how you imagine your perfect day. After that we’ll come back to you with information whether we are available. We then have a Skype call or a face to face meeting to better understand your needs and expectations. To finalise the booking and secure the date, we sign a contract and ask you to pay in the first instalment. Until the contract is signed and the payment comes though, we don’t consider the date as booked.

It would be untrue to say that location doesn’t impact the quality of photographs. Location and even more importantly the light in that location can make or break a good photo. It doesn’t apply to wedding and reception venues only, but also to the place where you get ready. Photography is all about light and if you get ready in a small room with a tiny window or you choose a pitch dark church for your vows, then it is hard for us to come up with satisfying photographs. We only work with natural light (apart from the wedding party at night, where we also use off camera speed lights) and the more light there is in your location, the more room there is for us to create beautiful frames. Aesthetic of the location is also important. By that we don’t mean that everyone should get ready in royal chambers, but to simply keep the place clean and tidy. That especially applies to situations where more people get ready together. More people means more random stuff left around the room and you probably don’t want to have a distracting plastic bag next to your wedding dress in your wedding album. To avoid that, it’s a good idea to delegate a “chaos manager” – a person responsible for tidiness.

Yes, of course. Even though we don’t do classic, meaning posed, photography, we can allocate some time for group shots with your family and friends. We understand that these are must-haves in a family album and some of your relatives wouldn’t forgive you for not taking them.

If you decide to hire a video crew for your wedding, it is important that they follow the same working principles as us. This means that they work with natural light throughout the day, avoid posing and interfering with the flow of the day and are friendly and respectful when working. It is important to us to know who we work with on a wedding, so if you hire video crew, please send us their contact details, so we can have a chat with them beforehand.

Yes. Apart from the edited files, we will also send you unedited shots from your wedding day.

The best way to get to know each other is via Skype. It is quick and convenient both for you and for us. We can also arrange a face to face meeting provided you are in Tuscany and are willing to travel to meet us.

Our prices are tailored to your needs, so the best thing to do is to get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you with a quote. In the meantime here is the breakdown of our packages.

What you get in the end is an online gallery with a selection of your wedding photos ready to share with friends, family and guests. If you wish, you can also add prints and a photo album to your order. Most importantly, though,  you will receive an abundance of beautiful memories to look back at.