Wedding Photographer in Val D’Orcia

Location: Tuscany Equestrian

Why getting married in Siena and Val d’Orcia? Well, for start, it’s unrealistically beautiful. When you stand in front of it’s rolling hills, it seems like you’re in cinema and only warm wind on your cheeks reminds you that you’re really there. It’s a postcard destination for holiday makers and, understandably, people in love who decide to get married in a stunning location.

Talking about mesmerizing locations, take a look at this wedding venue. Tuscany Equestrian is located right above endless hills disappearing in the horizons around 360 degrees. It’s a one of a kind wedding venue, not only for horse lovers, but anyone sensitive to natural beauty.

As wedding photographers in Val d’Orcia, we have seen many magical wedding locations, but this one is special. Both for outdoor wedding ceremony in Val d’Orcia or a wedding photoshoot, like this one we made with “our” dear bride and groom bathed in sunset light, marveling at the landscapes at their feet.