Wedding in Tuscany in times of Coronavirus

Coronavirus appeared by surprise at the beginning of 2020 and spread quickly all over the world. Beginning in China, it then hit Italy with it’s full strength and now it’s continuing it’s spread all over Europe and the world. It’s no longer Chinese or Italian problem, but it’s a problem we all face on a global scale and all countries has united to fight this war against COVID-19 together.

Getting married in Tuscany in 2020

What does it mean for couples planning to get married in Tuscany this year? Tuscany is a region where Coronavirus caused much less damage than in the north of Italy. Milan, Brescia, Venice and surrounding provinces are the ones which were hit most severely. As of today (24 March 2020) in all of Tuscany, there are 2461 people positive with COVID-19 and 72 people have died, which means that numbers here are very moderate compared to the north. It’s been 14 days since the lockdown in the whole country and we are starting to see its effects. The number of new positive cases are starting to decrease slowly and we hope that this trend will continue. Officially, the Italian government, has decided that no ceremonies can take place in all of Italy until 3 April 2020, but looking at the situation, it’ll most probably be extended. And, honestly, it should be prolonged, because we’re not ready to go back to normal life just yet.

What about summer 2020?

Italy has been the first country in Europe hit so hard by COVID-19 and China is our only example of virus management. Right now China is slowly recovering and specialists in Italy envisage that in a month or two Italy will be on a good way to recovery as well. Our big hopes are that from June the restrictions will become less severe, that tourism will reopen and ceremonies will be allowed. There is no official information about that though. Everyone, including the government, virologists and specialists are waiting to see how the virus behaves before giving further information. However, if your wedding in planned from June onwards, our advice is to wait and see how the situation develops.

Shall I postpone my wedding in Tuscany?

We’ve been waiting for this wedding season for the last few months and we are heart broken to see how our wedding calendar is falling to pieces. Yet, health and safety of our clients is our main priority. In order to win the war against COVID-19 we all must behave responsibly. If your wedding is planned for April or May 2020, it’d be wise to postpone it to later on in the year. It may be hard to find availability at wedding venues in June-August at this point, but we strongly recommend autumn months as well. It’s less hot, the weather is mild and it’s usually very sunny until the end of October. November tends to be a beautiful month as well, but the days are shorter and temperatures are lower.

In extreme cases, you may also consider postponing your wedding to 2021. Not a great thought, we know. You have everything planned, you can’t wait for your big day in Tuscany and you’re asked to wait. We don’t like it either, but there have been many things this year that we don’t like. If you’d like to change your date, we advise you to first try and find a date later this year and then, in the worst case scenario, wait until 2021.

What about our availability?

Our wedding calendar for 2020 is pretty full, but if you decide to postpone your wedding, we’ll do everything we can to be there for you. At no extra cost, of course. Nobody could predict a global pandemic and we need to help one another in this difficult time. You can surely count on us.

If you’re planning to postpone your wedding, just drop us a line and we’ll let you know about our availability and propose alternative dates in case we’re already booked.

Stay safe and healthy… and keep on getting married!!!