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The Circle Workshop, II Edition
20-21 October 2020, Badia a Ruoti (AR), Toscana


This time, in October 2020, we invited a renowned photographer, storyteller, visionary – RAFAL BOJAR.

Rafal Bojar is a master of photographic storytelling, famous for imaginative photographs, gifs and cinemagraphs. His photographic talent and passion for sharing knowledge have inspired fellow creatives around the world and we are very excited to have him in Tuscany soon. 

This workshop will be a unique experience for photographers who would like to learn about storytelling and nourish their creativity. It’ll get you motivated, inspired, emotional and shocked. It’ll give you the tools to grow artistically and shake your creative inner world. 

What you’ll work on is STORYTELLING, IMAGINATION and VISION, which are the foundation for becoming unique. It’ll teach you how to build relations with couples and create emotional artworks. It’ll load you with inspiration and energy for your upcoming photographic projects.

Working in an intimate environment, in a group of maximum 20 people, we would like you to become a team who shares and cares. It won’t be about passive listening, but about active participation. It’ll be about creating a circle of friends. 

The workshop will be held in English, so polish off your language skills and get ready for this artistic ride! 

The Speaker

Rafal Bojar

Since I remember I was obsessed with puzzles. Many years later when I grew up I discovered photography that became my passion. I realized that puzzles and stories have many ground rules in common. This changed completely my approach and clarified all the ideas for the stories. All my inspirations comes from people, my own believes and things that happened to me and them. One of my friends once said my stories look like a ‚personal cocktail’ that is a mix of many different ingredients. If you will taste them separately they could have a sweet, bitter, sour, normal or even dull taste. But if you have a courage to put them all together in accurate proportions, that’s the moment you can experience something unexpected that you never experienced before. That is my main goal. Not only to create stories but also to give people memorable experience.



Thursday 2 April



  • where to look for ideas and inspiration for your stories
  • how to build a relationship with people in oder to make emotional stories
  • how to acquire much needed knowledge for your stories
  • how to go beyond the wedding convention
  • what guides couples while searching for a photographer



  • Where to find places for your photo shoots
  • Effective ways to create the right atmosphere
  • Psychological methods to make people open up
  • Tricks to make your message stronger
  • How to make people look natural
  • Making a filmic look for your photos
  • Working with natural light



  • What things I talk my couples into doing
  • The photography gear and software I use
  • An unconventional documentary – from an idea to realization
  • An emotional photo shoot on the wedding day
  • Photography and film in the wedding business
  • How to create an effective offer

Friday 3 April



  • Where to start creating stories
  • What is an emotional storytelling
  • How to gain much needed knowledge to create stories
  • What to avoid while making stories
  • The ingredients of a good story



  • Managing Facebook and Instagram
  • An image creation and an effective branding building
  • Useful applications to manage your social media
  • The visual storytelling of Instastories on Instagram



  • Emotional blogging – how it affects the viewer’s emotions
  • Creating stories according to the planned narration
  • Arranging a story on the blog in line with film editing



  • Watching Rafał work with a couple - live demonstration of how he creates bond and moves through the photoshoot



The workshop will be held in Abbazzia di Badia Ruoti – historical abbey and home to many cultural events all year round. Sitting at the heart of a small cobble stone village and surrounded by Tuscan countryside, it’s an ideal place for your exploration. It is situated 20 km from Montevarchi, 36 km from Arezzo and 30 km from Siena. It’s best reached by a car, but if you travel by train, pick-up from the train station of Montevarchi can be arranged on request. 

Meals and accommodation

During the two days of workshop, we will be spoiled with delicious Tuscan food cooked for us on the spot. The meals will include lunch and dinner as well as coffee breaks during the day. Vegetarian options will be available on request.

To take in the maximum of what the workshop and the location have to offer, we recommend you to stay in the abbey overnight. There are beds available in shared rooms with breakfast provided before the activities start in the morning.

Please note that meals and accommodation are NOT included in the price of the workshop and will have to be paid directly to abbey management at the end of the event. The cost of meals and accommodation are specified on registration form on the bottom of the page.



The workshop will be held in English.



2-day workshop with Rafal Bojar

2-3 April 2020

From 9:00 am on Thursday to 6:00 pm on Friday

650 €

>> Meals and accommodation are not included in the price of the workshop. For detailed costs download the registration form below. <<


A 45-minute-video workshop how Rafal works with a couple during a photo shoot

Rafal’s “hero by meridian” presets which he uses to edit photos

Video tutorial on editing photos

30% discount for online class exploring creative storytelling
with animated images and cinemagraphs

The Circle Workshop 2019 - MEMORIES

On the first edition of The Circle workshop in 2019 we had an enormous pleasure to host two talented Italian photographers Beatrice Moricci and Federico A. Cutuli.

We spent two intense days learning, talking, exchanging, being inspired and inspiring others, making friends and feeding our creativity.

Here is a brief video summarising that unique experience.


To book your spot at the workshop

download the form below, fill in the details and send to info@mokophotography.com with "Circle Workshop 2020 registration" in the title.

Download registration form

The workshop is to be paid in two installments. The registration will be finalised after the form is processed and the first installment of 200€ is paid via bank transfer. The second installment is to be paid on the day of the workshop. Bank details are included on the registration form.

How to get there

2019 11 27 15 28 42 Badia di San Pietro a Ruoti Google Maps

The closest airports are in Bologna, Pisa and Florence. From there you can hire a car or take a train to Montevarchi-Terranuova, where regional trains stop at hourly basis. From there it’s another 30 minute drive to reach the workshop location.

If you travel by car, the location is best reached from A1 motorway. Take the Valdarno exit and follow the signs for Arezzo and Ambra. Precise GPS coordinates will be provided after registration.

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