Hello, my name is Alex

I'm an Italian wedding photographer based in Tuscany

I’m attracted to emotions and to people who are not afraid of expressing them, whatever they are.

I believe in happiness and the good in people. I believe that with a positive mindset all happiness flows to you.

My goal is to capture your most beautiful moments & stages of life forever – authentic & natural.

My Philosophy

My approach to photography is all about capturing real, authentic moments that tell the story of your special day.

My wedding photography is honest and natural. I know how delicate and precious our task is. It is all about recording your story and returning it to you beautifully framed and told in the most truthful and natural way, so that you recognize yourself in our work.

In your wedding photos you will find lightheartedness, romanticism, joy and splendor of your love among the Tuscan hills.


Why working with me is unique

I'm  flexible, friendly and able to listen to all your requests.

I'm  very involved in your wedding day, but discreet at the same time. A day with MOKO is never made of poses, but everything comes naturally by itself.

I  like to think that wedding photography should not be considered simply as means to immortalize one day in time. 

It is a tool to stop the most precious moments of your life. Moments lived with love and joy.

When you look at you wedding photos in years to come, I want you to be able to live again every single emotion in its purest form.

My story

I have always thought that weddings are a unique context, something that has made me feel involved and touched. In the meantime, in 2011, while I was in Australia, my fascination with photography started. I became aware that there are photographs that can touch my soul like nothing else. It was then and there that I took my photo camera and set off to take photos that expressed myself and my emotions.

In 2013, I returned to Europe and, while living in Warsaw and Berlin, I chose to turn wedding photography into our profession.

Yet, at the same time, I was also wondering what could be the most fertile soil to make this dream grow. The answer came by itself – Tuscany, my native land.

Here I set down my roots. It’s here were my baby boy was born and it’s here where I want to grow with you, telling the world your story, which is also a little mine.

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