Cherry on top of your wedding memories

Your long planned wedding is over, memories are still vivid in your head and you can’t wait to see them on photographs? Here come your awaited wedding photos!

Chestnut Photo Box

How do we deliver your memories?Everything about your wedding is special and so we want to go an extra mile to make sure that also the delivery of your images is remarkable. What we gift you in the end is a carefully crafted chestnut box full of memories and little pieces of forest. Under a lid smelling of nature, you'll find a wooden USB key on a bed of green moss and some 15x22 cm prints wrapped into a beautiful fabric cover.

Which wedding packages come with a photo box? Chestnut photo box comes with Classic and Gold wedding packages. The number of prints that you'll find in them varies. There are 30 prints in Classic and 60 prints in Gold package. Can we ship your photo box? Absolutely! Most of the photo boxes we deliver to our couples are shipped nationally and internationally. Please note, however, that shipping costs are not included in the package.