Engagement Photographer San Galgano Abbey, Siena

San Galgano is a difficult place to forget: between Gothic and fairy tale, this structure – famous for being homeless – offers fascinating and mysterious plays of light.
It almost seems that, stripped of its main function, the basilica is suited to give the unique atmosphere to the shots that see love as protagonist. And in particular, a growing love.

Elisabetta and Nico: story of a photographic engagement in San Galgano

We are incurable romantics, we at MOKO: the photographic commitment always excites us. This is why we didn’t really resist when Nico and Elisabetta contacted us: they were looking for a mysterious, fascinating place, and the answer to their questions came spontaneously.

She is a girl who makes simplicity a way of life, an excellent cook; he, Nico, is a musician. A couple full of imagination, not obvious, lively and young.
And all this is reflected without filters and without stopping in the photographic reportage, where the light reveals features of the faces and the surrounding landscape, so intense and marked, certainly unforgettable.
No frills and no embellishments, but only simplicity to which nothing should be added.

Because the photographic commitment is like this: able to stop time for a love that is growing, making those eternal moments, set in a unique landscape.