BOOM BOOM! Big news!! We’re so head over the moon

I've have just become a ISPWP member of the prestigious International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers

In the past years, as wedding photographer, I was always looking up to other colleagues in the field who were members of the association. ISPWP isn’t just any association. It’s a filter of talent in the wedding photography industry worldwide. It’s not like many other so called “wedding associations” which hide paid advertising behind their label. ISPWP selects its members carefully, assesses their years of experience, online presence and photographic history. 

That’s why it is such an honour for me to become a part of it.

Working as wedding photographer, year after year the quality of my work has been constantly improving and with mygrowth, also our hope to be accepted as ISPWP member grew. Until a few days ago when I received the wonderful message that after careful verification, our member application has been approved! Yeeeey! Bring on the champagne!

Too many exclamation marks? Sorry, I'm excited. Seeing my name next to the top names in the world wedding industry is a big deal.

So jump on the boat of happiness and celebrate a little with me, ISPWP here we come!!

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