Hey! We're IGA & ALEX, it's great to see you here!

You’re probably wondering who the heck are we? You’re in the right place to find out! Here are a few words about who we are, how we work and what inspires us.

First of all, we love life and live life. We are forever in love with the world around us and wonders of photography. Every day is an adventure, a chance to do something awesome, an opportunity to be creative and share something precious with others.

We are WEDDING, FAMILY & PORTRAIT photographers.

We work mainly in Italy, but we are always ready to pack our gear and travel the world to capture new stories. Travel is one thing that we can’t live without and no place on Earth is too far for us.

We love raw emotions, honesty and unpredictability.

That is why we chose wedding photography as our path. Each wedding is a kick of adrenaline, which keeps us more awake than coffee. WE LOVE IT.

Our philosophy

In our development as photographers we continually work to make our photography as true to who we are as possible. Each of us carries a different artistic sensitivity within us. As a man and a woman our perception varies and we see it as a big advantage, because a story that we tell is more complete.

What we give are not just pictures, but a storybook of moments and emotions, a mirror of the biggest day of your life.  

Your story is important to us and for that reason we do our best to gift you photography which is expressive, vivid and genuine.

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When we’re not working, we fill our days with baby time, arts, weird movies, ethnic music, camping in the woods, giggles and yoga.  One of us loves the sea, the other prefers the mountains. One goes for a raw stake, the other would rather snack on a crispy carrot. Yet in the multitude of differences, we have a passion in common called photography. 

How we work

We work in two, which allows us to cover different angles of the story. When we work, we don’t interfere with events unless a situation requires it.

We are discrete and and let the moments unveil by themselves.

We don’t want to be just a couple of photographers hired for your wedding, but we want to be your friends. We are easy going, open-minded people who love to connect with others. We want to get to know you and people around you. We want to talk to you and laugh with you. We want to feel a part of the story.


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