How to get ready for an engagement session

The day of your photo session is coming and you are wondering how to approach it?
Here are a few tips we’d like to give you.

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Be yourself
First of all, photo session is for you and about you. So just relax, be yourself and have fun. Forget about the whole world and be there just for yourself and your other half. There is nothing embarassing in photo sessions and the more natural you are, the better the photos will come out. We know that being in front of a camera may not seem natural and we understand how you feel. Be sure that we will not ask you to pose for half an hour looking at the sunset. What we aim for are natural, spontaneous shots, real moments of intimacy, and we try to do it without being intrusive. The key is communication and as long as we listen to you and you listen to us, we’re going to have a great time together.

Help us get to know you before photo session
To express your personality in the photos, it is crucial for us to know a little about you. What do you like, where did you meet, where do you come from? We don’t want to be total strangers to you. Good relationship between photographers and clients is a key for a successful photoshoot. We would appreciate it if you could tell us a few words about yourself before the photo session, either via mail or phone. Also sharing your Facebook profile helps.

Tell us about your interests
Whenever possible we try to plan photo sessions based on your interests, hobby and/or a sentimental location. You both love kayaking? Did you first meet in that small ice-cream shop in the Old Town? Why don’t we use it as an idea for a photo session? The only limit is imagination and a good idea may lead to a good photoshoot. Most importantly though, that photo session is a story about you, so the more meaning it has for you, the more value it has for us too.


Why engagement session?
Engagement session itself is a fantastic opportunity for us to get to know you better before your wedding day. Imagine how much better it is to have photographers you already know on your wedding. We would know what works best for you in terms of lighting, angles and style. Not to mention that the photos we take on your engagement session could be used for invitations, thank you cards and the like.

What is the best time of the year for a photoshoot?
Any time of the year can be a perfect time for a photo session outdoors, as long as it’s not pouring rain. Four seasons make each month unique and offer different lighting, tonality and colours.

Now the hard part… what to wear
First and foremost you need to feel comfortable and confident about what you’re wearing. Your clothing will depend on the style of the photoshoot, but it’s best to avoid clothes that don’t reflect your personality or make you feel in any way uncomfortable. We usually suggest what is more suitable to wear for a session that we’re planning with you, but it’s more of a hint than a direct order. In the end it’s totally up to you how you want to look on the photos. The only thing we will pressure you about are the colours. It’s important that as a couple you’re not wearing the same colours, because each of you needs to stand out. They need to compliment each other, not blend. Colours may differ depending on location. In green areas such as parks and forests, yellow and blue compose beautifully while in urban areas we may suggest colours like green or violet. It is also worth paying attention to the saturation of the colours you wear. Whether you decide on pastel colours, or bright ones, they work best when you both wear colours of similar saturation.


What not to do
Don’t be afraid or nervous. There is no need. We are very easy going and we’re there to have fun together. Plus these photos are for you, you’re not posing for Vogue – unless you are, then please tell us beforehand and we’ll bring a make-up artist as well .

What happens if the weather is bad?
Weather is crucial for an outdoor photo session. If on a long awaited date of your session the weather gets really bad, there are two things we can do. First, we can change the character of the session and that may totally work. Instead of sunny session in a park, we may decide to go for a rainy-day old town session and play with reflections in puddles of water. Option number two is to change the date and meet on another day that’s convenient for both sides.

Tell us about your fears
If you’re afraid of heights, spiders or anything else, it is important that you tell us. It’s counter-productive to plan a session in observation tower if you have to force yourself to go up and then look violet on the photos. Same with forests, meadows and parks. Tell us if you’re scared of insects, dogs or other animals and let us know in case you’re allergic to pollens. We need your happy face, not scared, sick or teary. Again it’s all about making you feel good and relaxed.

If we still haven’t answered some of your questions, please use our contact page or call us.

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