What’s your style?
Style is something each photographer works on throughout his/her career. In years it changes and evolves together with the photographer. We take natural, spontaneous, funny and emotional photos. We work both in colour and black and white, depending on the mood and light during the event.

How many photos do you take and how many will I receive afterwards?
We take as many photos as it takes to tell the story of your event. We will then carefully select the shots that illustrate that day best. Once the selection and post-production process is finished, we give you a minimum of 500 shots.

Do you take videos as well?

Sorry, we’re both photographers, but we can recommend someone.

What parts of the wedding/event do you cover?
It depends on you. There is a story behind every event and we would like to show it in its full. If it’s a wedding we usually cover preparation, the ceremony, lunch/dinner, party and all the bits and pieces in between them. If it’s up to us, we cover all the stages, so that we can give a complete picture of the story, but it is your day and you decide how many hours you would like us to cover.

Are you available for private photo shoots?

Can I print my photos and use them online?
Yes, you are free to print and publish your photos online. The copyright of the photographs belongs to us, but you are more than welcome to share them with your family and friends. We do not watermark the photos that we give you.

Why are there two of you?
In two we are able to cover much more in a short time span. Especially at a wedding, the photographer has to be in the right place at the right time and sometimes it’s not possible for technical reasons. In two we can cover both bride and groom getting ready, one of us can take shots of you leaving the church in your awesome vehicle, while the other is already waiting for you at the reception venue. Many wedding photographers have their assistants to help them. Our advantage over an assistant is that we have the same philosophy and read each others’ minds.

Can you make us an album?
We can and we would love to. I (Iga) am a graphic designer as well as a photographer and can make a stunning book of your special day.

What graphic design work do you offer?
Apart from photo books, I design invitations, thank you cards, name tags and anything else you may need before, during and after your special day. In truth I can design anything that comes to your mind, as long as it is in printed or digital form.

Can I hire you only for photos / design?
Yes you can. Even though we prefer to offer a photo/design package, we understand that you may prefer to hire somebody else for one part.

Do you touch up photos after the wedding?
We post-produce photos, but mainly to remove unnecessary elements from the frame – like an elbow or a piece of a hat – but we only alter the absolute minimum. We do not retouch wrinkles, make slimmer waists and whiter teeth. We believe in natural beauty.

How long does it take to get the photos?
It depends on our work load, but we do our best to give them to you within 2 months.

Do you photograph engagement sessions?
Absolutely. They are great fun and we encourage every couple to do one. Plus, they help us to get to know you better, in case you decide to hire us for your wedding.

I don’t like having photos taken. Is that a problem?
Believe it or not, most people don’t like having their photos taken. This is not an obstacle though. Most people are tense at the beginning, but then they quickly start having fun. We do our best to make the sessions as enjoyable as possible.

Are you wiling to travel for my wedding?
We love traveling and always look for excuses to go to somewhere new, so yes, we are very willing to travel. Depending where your event is though, we may add a refund of expenses to the total bill.

Do you have a question that isn’t answered here? Write to us on info@mokophotography.com