Real life writes a story every split of a second, making the world around us an unlimited storybook. Look no further than your family, to find a unique story worth recording.

Photographs that lock in time precious moments spent together.

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Why documenting family life?

As photographers and new parents ourselves we see how much sentimental value there is in photographs that lock in time precious moments spent together. Day by day we grow older, toddlers become teenagers, the time passes. Photographs are one way of freezing the time. Looking back at them after years, you’ll remember the little details of your family life that you long forgot and your grownup kids will reconstruct memories that shaped them into adults.    

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Our goal is to show the beauty of ordinary life.

How do we work?

Our documentary family photography shows unique personalities of your family, the rythm of your lives, your bonds, emotions and relationships. Our goal is to show the beauty of ordinary life, rather than a perfectly staged family portrait.

We come to your home for 2 or more hours while you are living your normal life. You are playing, cooking, messing around, watering the garden, whatever it is that you do on your typical day. We don’t interfere with what you’re doing. We don’t tell you to smile to the camera and we don’t move things. We’re silently accompanying you, while creating a series of images that show a piece of your family’s life together.

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A photo session that tells the story of your family.

What do you get?

What you get from us at the end are beautifully edited digital files and hopefully a fresh look at the amazing life you are living with the people you care about the most.

How to book a documentary family session?

If you like the idea and would like to book a documentary session with us, contact us via the form below or email us at