About us

Moko Photography  - Wedding Photography

The dragonfly, it run away, but it came back with a story to say. Dirty Paws, Of Monsters and Men

We are Mo and Ko – Alessandro Morbidelli and Iga Koczorowska – a couple in life and work, yin and yang, two entwined minds and hearts.

Whatever the occasion – a wedding, an event, portrait session, you name it – we always try to see beyond and we do it best when we are in two.

Working together means more ideas, perspectives and fleeting moments. For us every event is unique, every person is special, every guest is a VIP. When we work, we capture the magic of your special day, its emotions and its atmosphere. We also believe that your big day is a fun day and do our best to capture the funny, heart-warming seconds of it all.

Because of our close links with the world of wedding reportage photography in Italy, we go there regularly to polish our skills with top photographers.

We are in a long-lasting love with photography, people and transience of a moment. We aim to show this through our work.

What is the meaning of our logo? Dragonflies are for us life’s wisdom with wings. They live in the present moment experiencing life in its fullest and seeing beyond the limitations of their existence. It’s a philosophy that we follow in our photography as well as daily life.


My life is a carousel of photography, graphic design and drawing.

My adventure with photography started in 2005 during my BA degree in Journalism. It was then followed with another class at Graphic Design MA degree and afterwards it kept transforming from interest to passion, from passion to work.

In the last five years photography has been gradually becoming an integral part of my design work and today I can say that I am a graphic designer as well as a photographer.

Right now, sharing my passion with Alessandro we create Moko and are departing on yet another creative adventure.


My interest in photography was triggered by travel. Unhappy with photos I brought back home from across the world, I invested in my first Canon camera, 17-70 lens and a good photography manual. And so my ride with photography begun.

I was a self-taught photographer until 2012, when I moved to Sydney and joined Australian Centre for Photography, which greatly improved my skills.

At the end of 2013, together with Iga, we decided to take a break from our regular lives and travel without return tickets. We spent a few months in Pacific and Southeast Asia – a journey that was a photographic playground without limits.

Right now, back in Europe, photography is becoming our full-time activity and I would say that it is now that the real fun begins.